Perhaps It’s for The Better…

See the source imageJust like the moon, we go through phases of emptiness to be full again.

She let out a cry after much tolerance. Loud enough that a neighbor had to confirm if she is home alone. She continues though I give her plain mashed potatoes. She throws the plate down, her body follows, kicks her legs in fury as she breaks into an ear-blocking cry, a contrast to my normal sweet Ella. Caught between what to do, I first take a deep breath. It must be hard for her, and worst that she can’t speak. I get the remaining food, put it on a plate, get hold of her and start feeding her. She takes the first spoon unwillingly but swallows it and looks back at me with a mouth slightly opened this time. Ooh, so it’s not that bad at all…

Yes, a letdown is like a very hot substance, one whose vapor is enough to cause a sore on the skin, one that can ravage your hands eternally if taken hold of with bare hands but the worst one that can condense your resilience for a while if not forever.

Like little Ella, conceivably we should try to embrace what our harsh world gives us at times more so the antagonistic, be less adamant but more peaceful with our fallen expectations and efforts. And when it gets much hotter, get ourselves some gloves as an aid to avoid getting burnt. But above all be able to bounce back no matter the extent stretched, it’s all in the resilience one holds through the murky tunnel. That even though the sun is not apparent and the moonlight so faint, we hold on to the hope or belief of something much…much better ahead. That perhaps it’s better that way for our positive metamorphosis.

# Keep fighting, keep going…. You shall overcome

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