Our vision

To become the premier and most preferred innovation web portal for education info in Africa.

Our mission

Our mission to provide a unique product that takes a comprehensive and intergrated education information online.

Core values

Our core values are:
Integrity, Transparency, Thinking Big, Ownership and Innovation.

About Dzidzo

“Dzidzo” is a Shona (dominant language for Shona people of Zimbabwe) name, which means Education in English. Dzidizo  is a one-stop-solution for providing education information through a unique online aggregated content accessible to targeted audience on the move through the website’s mobile site.  Launched in 2018, Dzidzo belong to Fumbuzi Afritech Ltd.

Our website is a repository of reliable and authentic information for learning institutions regulators, suppliers and other stakeholders. We envisage to help various categories of users to save time while searching for education information and quick decision making and reduce biasness through user of word of mouth. It offers answers to the following key questions from different audiences.



More About Dzidzo

Our website is a repository of reliable and authentic information for learning institutions, education regulators, school & college suppliers and other stakeholders. We strive to offer cutting edge, unique, long-term solution as pertains education information in Kenya.

On the other hand, the web portal offers long term, cheap, online marketing platform to education providers, (schools, colleges and Universities), school & college suppliers as well as other education stakeholders in Kenya who use other short term expensive modes of advertisement to reach to their targeted audience

Responsible for:

Our website is designed to offer solutions & answers to below common faced problems and frequent asked questions by different categories of education information users;

Information User | Parent

  •  Identification of suitable school, either on initial enrollment or school switching for their kids
  • Poor school choices caused by biasness through word of mouth and unreliable information.
  • Limited information on available scholarships

Frequent asked question | Parent

  • How can I access quick and reliable information about the school of choice for my child?
  • How can I access a reliable supplier for school related items for my child?
  • How can access bursary and or scholarships for my needy child

Information User | Student

  • Lack of career coaching and direction particularly on completion of 4th form
  • Inadequate information on accredited learning institutions
  • Limited information on available scholarships.

Frequent asked question | Student

  • How can I access information about the specific school/college/university I wish to attend?
  • How can access information on available open scholarships?
  • How do i make a quick comparison between various different schools/colleges/university that fits my selection criteria?
  • How can offer feedback to new students looking forward to enroll in my current/former school/college?
  • How can I access reliable and effective revision exam papers and revision Kits?
  • How can I keep in touch with school/college mates and contribute to school welfare of my former school/college?

Information User | Education providers

  • Huge capital investment on convention advertisement that could be used in other beneficial activities.
  • Lack of  advertisement mode that can comprehensively  relay information to parents & students on what the school/supplier can offer
  • And other education stakeholders

Frequent asked question | Education providers

  • How can I effectively reach parents and students who are looking for a school/learning institution such ours?
  • How do I reach out to reliable suppliers for goods and services for my school/learning institution?
  • How do I access scholarships/bursary funds for needy students in my school?  
  • How do I effectively reach schools, colleges and universities who are searching goods and services comparable to ours?