Solving the unemployment problem.

Everyone has a role in the journey to eradicate unemployment,by saying everybody I mean the government,the society and the people who need employment.An individual should make use of their skills and talents for example someone who is talented in athletics, other skills like weaving,braiding or painting can be used to create self employment opportunities. The society should appreciate and promote talent in all ways possible for example by rewarding and motivating the talents. They can also partner with various sponsors to boost the talent. The government can build more public insitutions like schools or hospitals or expand the tourism and hospitality sector to create employment.If we all join hands we will eventually get rid of unemployment in our country.


Am suggesting if the magazine should have an interval of one month so as to increase public interactions with it

Benard prince

This is the most dangerous monster up on the necks of our graduates. A hope that never materialise. This is creation of dependant mindset. Our lives will turning around for the good when we begin to realize that we got to school to sharpen and widen our skills in order to create the world and of course things of our dreams. Nothing pains like graduating with first class honours but when coming back home you discover that the only job available for you is to be an insulting mouthpiece of your local area politician. The payment therein is coffee privileges once in a month in the up center hotel. It is a high time we highlight our dreams path. Accept the bitter fact that the markets in Africa are linear and it is crazily never business as usual as it was before. It is time for trailblazing with creativity and high definition innovations. Let's us evolve youthful solutions for youthful problems. Thank you. Kindly buy a copy of my book, "Uncommon Dream" and feel inspired.

Improving blogging

My suggestion was that if the magazine leaders can organize for workshop's and seminars through which the bloggers get to interact and they are taught how to do commercial blogging it would be great

Benard prince
our yuths today

yung poepol we shuld avoid impresing others in life and start liveing apoupersd life

samuel kioko
ther will never be equlity in life

in life we live equlity will never be achived becouse of capitolizm

samuel kioko

Its better to concern yourself with something you actually have a say in. There's certainly no need to show interest in politics. Unless of course if the answer to my question about your gains being bigger than risks, is yes. In short your opinions or views dont mean anything. Concentrate your energy on other meaningful subjects.

Has the government put enough efforts to eradicate fgm?

The government has done a commendable job in protecting the girl child in the community through eradication of fgm even though there are still instances where the girl child have beeen forced to go through the ill practice but the stepps taken by government has really helped to sort the problem

Why there is increased corruption cases; Recap 2022 Elections in Kenya.

Kenya is among the countries with the highest corruption cases in Africa and the world as a whole; One of the ways to curb corruption is by Electing ethical and integral leaders in 2022 who can change the mindset of Kenyan in a way that they should be contented with what they have. And can do it without stealing government resources. #KillCorruption

Why some Varsities have failed to offer Online learning

Some varsities have failed to offer online learning due to; Uncertainties of the ministry of education. Some universities are waiting to continue with physical learning when the government opens economy. Two, challenges of network and bundles by some students due to localities and financial situation brought about by covid -19. Three, some universities have tried online learning before but the system ended up failing to achieve intended objectives.

Curfew should be Removed

Curfew should be removed because its greatly affecting Kenyans, Curfew at 8.00 pm is too early for businessmen and women because this is the peak time for them especially small scale businesses. Our president should consider the interest of our sisters and brothers because them too have obligations they should attend to financially.

BBI Judgement

Based on my opinion the 5 bench Judges ruling was fair.

What costed England in the Euros final

According to me England lost in the finals of Euro because of the following reasons. √ after scoring the first goal in the second minute England relaxed and defended that single goal instead of looking for a second one to seal the game. √ Southgate brought in two players when it's a single minute remaining to come and take penalties. That's very wrong because those players are not composed enough more than those who have played at least some minutes.