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Impact of Social Media, Bad or Good It’s here to Stay

It’s really hilarious how social media has overpowered us in diverse ways. It has made us skim our lifestyles in ways we never thought we could. Saying it’s only affected us cynically would contradict to reality is, it has had of great positive impact on us. Not Only has it supported businesses through advertisements, but people have also been able to learn through it, especially during the pandemic. We couldn’t have had it any other way.

Have you ever thought how the world would be without phones, laptops, computers or any other technological device? Could we be the people we are today? You know, one of the most prominent things that has kept our lives intact are friends. Amazing friendships to be precise. We would be delusive if we’d say that we’ve never made confidants through social media; either through businesses or studying. Some of them have given our entities a turn. One that’s actually so stunning.

Evolvements are attractive, but deeply getting into something you don’t know much about, might just harm you. A precedent of such a circumstance is online dating. A times, we get obsessed with social media, and thus increasing the rate at which we talk to people we’ve met online. The friendships made grow into love, and that’s how people get themselves into such scenarios without reasoning on what might be the outcome. One thing that still puzzles me is how people fall in love with guys they’ve never met. Is that true love or just a fantasy? Am actually not trying to judge, since we never really know till we are in their shoes. But what we undoubtedly need to get is that some of them are just trying to catfish you. Catfishing is the act whereby an individual makes false identity for their own interest.

We literally don’t want to raise kids into emulating the evil things or bad habits they see from social media, but what can we do when it’s unstoppable? Most teenagers are actually so much into the internet. This is because they are able to create a balance between studying and being online, unlike adults who find it hard to do so because of work. As a result of this, our youths get attracted by what they see in clips or pictures that they spend most of their time scrolling through. Others end up changing their dressing code, or doing other unpleasing stuff, just to be emulate celebrities they admire.

It’s never the end, till we are really there. This is definitely the motive behind actions accompanied by social media addiction, and as long as we’re in it, we should be prepared for anything that comes with it

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