Is Liverpool FC a one-season wonder?

The 2019/20 Premier League champions sit atop the mountain of English football but it would be unwise for them to rest on their laurels this season. The Reds are looking to pull off back to back wins in the Premier League since their rivals Manchester City did in two consecutive seasons (2017/18 and 2018/19). This is indeed quite an uphill task for Jurgen Klopp whose side made history by clinching the Premier League title for the first time in 30 years.

It is unquestionable that Liverpool have exceptional players who can take them to the promised land again but adding new blood could bring much needed enthusiasm and energy to the team. This was highlighted by their Community Shield defeat against Arsenal in the previous month. Depth is a key issue in the squad. More often than not, we see the same players on the starting lineup with a few changes here and there. There’s no competition for spots on the team meaning the established stars could feel a sense of complacency knowing their spots are secure. Without new faces, Klopp’s team looks to fall short in their challenge to win this season. They missed out on signing German forward Timo Werner to Chelsea though their hopes now rely on signing Thiago Alcantara from FC Bayern Munich whose deal might be going through.

Can they stay on top of their perch?

Taking a look at their opening match against Leeds, the seven goal thriller gave us a key perspective of what could possibly be Liverpool’s future. The Reds led three times but were pegged down by their opponents on each occasion. Mo Salah gave Liverpool the lead by scoring a penalty in the fourth minute. Leeds Jack Harrison produced the perfect response by equalizing with a brilliant shot past goalkeeper Alisson. A corner taken by Andy Robertson was headed in by Virgil Van Dijk which gave Liverpool back the advantage. Leeds were not yet ruled out as a defensive mistake from Van Dijk awarded Leeds a second goal scored by Patrick Bamford. Mo Salah then scored a spectacular strike to end the five goal spectacle in the first half.

During the second half, Leeds fought their way back into the game as their positive intent was not diminished. Unfortunately, a late challenge by Leeds new striker Rodrigo on Fabinho sealed their fate. The match ball winner, Mo Salah had the final word when he drilled home the spot kick to complete the hat trick and secure the three points for his team. Liverpool won the match 4-3.

Leeds could have easily snatched a victory at Anfield as Liverpool’s defense was at sixes and sevens. Faulty errors from the unflustered Virgil Van Dijk as well as from Trent Alexander-Arnold made them concede goals every time they were ahead. For the first time since September 1982, Liverpool had conceded three or more goals in back-to-back home league games. Could this spell trouble for the current champions?

It’s too early to tell for now and Liverpool hopes to be on their A game as their next challenge awaits at Stamford Bridge this Sunday against Chelsea. This will be a battle of the titans as both teams look to prove their supremacy and dominance in the league. Liverpool will have a chance to disprove all doubters and secure the three points (Arsenal are currently in first position). Who do you think will win the match between Chelsea and Liverpool? Drop the comments below

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