Corona! When will you go away?

A season close to Christmas like this, we would normally be calling our friends and family for a meet up and cups of enjoyment. But as it stands now, we are confined to upholding social distance and zooming to keep our interactions afloat. The coronavirus that has proven to be at war with humanity is one of those unexpected situations that just turned life around.

Our children not only stopped going to school physically but also we became grateful for the internet came up in 1990. Online classes have become more than a norm. University students are graduating albeit those taking their courses via same platform are having hard time having to to contend with hitches. Events that would normally call for our grandparents from the furthest upcountry to the city to dance around a congratulatory cake with pretty embellishments.

While many got laid off from their jobs, the hard lessons of saving were taught to us. I’m pretty sure after this experience, we will set aside some money by instinct. The one thing I’m sure we are all proud of is our resilience as a country. Within this borders, we are fighters. We pull ourselves together, we wipe our tears, we continue to fight.

This has been witnessed by how we have bounced back and pulled together to save our economy. Even with limited time, our people rise up every day and go to their various places of work. This is the Kenyan spirit. As we continue to recover from the hard blows of this virus, a big round of applause to our health workers and first responders. These people have been on the forefront of the fight with their scrubs for armor and expertise for weapons. These people have spent long days and even longer nights attending to our casualties in the hospitals.

Let’s give ourselves hope and pull together to fight for this country that we love.

#Jasho yetu, Mafanikio Kwetu.

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