Benefits of career guidance

i) Free expert help: -When planning to buy a car, asking a seasoned driver for suggestions is the
path most would take. Equally, to thrive in a career, seeking an expert, like a counsellor, is vital.
ii) Get a different perspective: – Career decisions, such as specializing in a course, are often
irreversible, and thus, before you make a life-long decision, gaining different perspectives can
support positive decision-making.
iii) Develop a roadmap: -Being motivated is essential but having a clear roadmap helps one achieve
goals faster. A career counsellor can understand your hopes and dreams and assist in the creation
of a career strategy.
iv) Overcome parental-child conflict: -Young people rely on parents for everything, and sometimes,
it can be suffocating. With professional guidance, a counsellor can provide unbiased and expert
guidance that matches both the parent and child‟s needs and expectations.
v) Supporting curriculum targets: -Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have
to work a day in your life,” and when you select a career you love, your daily tasks can match your
interests, aspirations, and achievements. For example, for students great in Mathematics and
Physics, pursuing Engineering is a natural progression. A career counsellor can help you match
your career aspirations to your academic achievements or talents.

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