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Marriage is a delightful union, that acts as a legal companionship for partners.Its frustrating how most of the current youngsters are now scared of it, because of the negative perspectives built about it.Is this what we really want?We’re not only dismantling our next generation,but also denying kids the right to be with both parents,since most children would be born out of wedlock.

I would say, the act of ‘independency’ among women has contributed to this.It isn’t actually something detestable,but most people have misinterpreted it.Individualism doesn’t mean you can do everything by yourself.We all need one another,and we need to be aware of that.Would you have made it till where you are without other people’s support? Of course not!Some landed ladies have termed independency as a situation whereby they can raise a kid all by themselves without the help of the child’s dad.Are they not smart enough to see what they are denying the child?He or she may be satisfied materialistically,but they’re lacking the complete love they need.

The 50/50 rule might have played a huge impact on this as well. Most women prefer equalization, and submitting to a man is the last thing on their intellect. They want to get married to men who cook, just as they door the ones that would help them carry out the house chores, but do those men exist? In most cases, they don’t. I guess this one of the factors that makes them advocate for a solitary life. They consider submission as an act of the past, and regarding the fact that they both work, why should one be mighty than the other?

I desire to say that happy endings do exist, but most people no longer believe in them. The rising cases of divorce have erased such thoughts. Most youths are of the opinion that forever unions no longer subsist because of this. We’ve seen great couples who have parted ways despite achieving so much and being together for so many years. An example of this are one of the greatest billionaires in the world, Bill and Melinda Gates.

They say,your mental health matters,and so does your physical.Most men and women undergo bodily torture by their partners.Some even stick to their marriage after several cases of this, which isn’t right.Once harassed,you should focus on saving your Life, even if your marriage is at stake.We’ve heard cases in which partners cheat on their spouses,thus tormenting them mentally.Despite the fact that a few work things out,most walk away.Actually,both decisions are very okay,since your happiness matters as well.

Knowing your partner well enough to understand them is one amazing thing, but sticking to a traumatizing relationship should never be an option. Either way, marriage is such an amazing experience despite people having some negativity on it.

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  1. It’s a good view. I personally agree with the fact that nowadays women want to be equal to men. This is actually what makes most marriages not to work. You will agree with me that in the past, none of this ‘equality’ thing existed, that’s very unfortunate. The old and past has gone. The biggest question today is, What adjustments should be made to combat this change?

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