Study Smart, Not Hard

When preparing for exams or studying, which method do you use? Each learner is different and when it comes to academia, everyone has their own style. However, while some swear with the “sleeping in the library theory,” many realized, albeit painfully, that burying your face in books for hours on end does not always work. To make things easier for you the next time you study for your classes or exams, here are some tips that will make your experience “fun,” or if we are being honest, bearable, and fruitful. · Organize your study space Whether you are studying on your desk or bed, make sure that your space is comfortable and free of distractions. Studies show that being tidy and organized helps us concentrate.Have study sessions While studying alone is great, when you do it in a group, you expose yourself to different versions of answers and approaches to understanding a subject. With a group, you can study longer and when you get stuck in an exam, you can recall explaining or hearing a point when it was said out loud.

Take a break, regularly Have you ever heard of an athlete running 24 hours a day to prepare for a race? Never. So, unless you want to break down, take regular breaks within your study routine. Don’t feel guilty for taking time off, because when your brain recharges, you will retain content for longer.

Use old exams and papers to prepare If your exam is on the way, what is the best way to study than seeing its past versions? Practicing with old papers helps you get used to questioning formats, time yourself, and if you are lucky, questions are repeated.

Be ready a day, a week, or a month before your exam! While the “last time crammers” swear with their strategy, it is widely accepted that this is not the best way to study at all. Sort your schedules earlier to make sure you give yourself time to prepare and an allowance in case things change.

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