Right time! There’s Never a Right Time or Age for Anything.

Do you sometimes sit down and envision that you’re running out of time? Be it getting married, landing yourself a job, having children or any other matter. Well, am here to apprise you that there’s never a right time. The right time was your time. Society tends to put too much pressure on us, making us think that we’re lagging behind, when we’re actually moving at our pace.

Why do campus young ladies go for working class men? Is it that what they really want? Not that their fellow campus male age mates have no future, fetching looks or are actually uninteresting. That’s just not it. The fact is, when most ladies are done with college, it is contemplated that they’ve blossomed and are ready for matrimony. What still amazes me is that men marry when they want, but when it comes to ladies, they get married when they have burgeoned. That’s the society’s stand. Whenever thoughts of getting married strike them, they always want to go for men who have achieved more than they have; thus leaving campus guys and dating older men.

Age doesn’t really matter. Sometimes we tend to think that dating someone who is as old as you are isn’t right. Men have been squeezed to a box thought that they should date younger ladies, and for women, they should go for older men. Where’s this from? So someone shouldn’t be with someone they’re in love with because of their age? This is one of the reasons why most relationships and marriages break. We go for partners that others think are right for us, and not the ones that we think are right for ourselves. Am not saying that a 20-year-old should date a 60-year-old. All am saying is that the mentality of dating based on age should stop.

A perfect illustration of a person ridiculed by society because of being in a relationship with someone that’s not in his age bracket is the famous Kenyan gospel musician, Guardian Angel. He was scoffed for dating and getting married to Esther Musila, who is way older than him. Their age distinction is nearly 20, since he is 31 years while his wife is 51. Despite getting negative feedback from his fans, tampering with their marriage has never been the case.

You know, when you’re living, you’re doing so basing on how you’d want it to be. Don’t ever authorize anyone to dictate you on how you should do it or letting them convince you that loving a certain person is a mistake. The mistake is thinking that they are right. All you can do is love to your best and discount their talks. Even though you do what they want you to do, they’ll always have something to talk about.

# Follow your conscience, choose the right for yourself, remember choices comes with consequences

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