Reasons for Career Guide?

The most successful people in the world today had humble beginnings, and when they were in their
teens, twenties, or even thirties, they had completely different lives. For example, Jack Ma, a Chinese
business magnate, investor, and philanthropist, was once a tour guide for tourists as he taught himself
English. Today, he is one of China and the world‟s most successful entrepreneur.
Another great example is Rowan Atkinson, popularly known as Mr. Bean, who was an electrical
engineer, but since he was not good at writing, he stood at a mirror and started to mess with his face.
This is how he created the funny non-speaking character the world came to love.
What did they do to separate themselves from everyone else? They avoided these common mistakes that
hold most of us back.
i) Family pressure: -Our parents love us to the moon and back, but they do not know everything.
Choosing a career just because “Mommy Says So” is an easy way to fail.
ii) Market demand: -Markets change, and the demand for a specific job can disappear with a trendier
invention. For example, decades ago, travel agents, cashiers, and bank tellers were great careers, but
today, computers are replacing them.
iii) Following the crowd: -No one achieves success by following the crowd, and when careers are
involved, do not forget your strong and weak areas. It is easy to follow, but there is greatness in
iv) The “What Will People Say” mentality: -We are social beings and caring what others think is only
natural. However, if you want to succeed in any field, say garbage collection or activism, you need
to keep your eyes on the ball and avoid distractors.
v) Lack of in-depth knowledge or research: -For young people, deciding which career is right being
not easy. While friends, family, or motivational speakers might be inspiring, not doing your research
can make you feel lost and frustrated.

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