The demonic wave of teen sex and drug abuse

The levels of stress have escalated with a pandemic on our hands. One would use that as their first line of defence but the level ground is questionable.

Recently the media served us disturbing news. Children ages 14-17 were caught at a house party engaging in all sorts of unthinkable immoral behaviours..

At the crime scene, there were cups of alcohol drinks, condoms among other substances that have no legal grounds in our country.

Looking at this matter from a guardian perspective, the question that comes to mind is this, who should take blame for such indecent acts? Is it that parents are not attentive enough to the behaviours of their children?

There seems to be a disconnect between the children and parenting. Our children are exposed to mature content at such a young age and the trend is alarming. To find teenagers in a location such as that without adult supervision or knowledge is a tell-tale sign of rebellion in the children and obliviousness on the part of the guardians.

As a society I believe it is time we took inventory of our children’s behaviours. We should be alarmed by their indifference to authority. We should not only educate our children on the dangers of drug abuse but also the misgivings of engaging in risky sex especially at such a young age.

Mental health should also be taken into consideration when such matters come into play. We should listen to our children and more than that, study their behaviours to know when their emotional stability is at the brink of collapse.

Such acts of defiance and silent desperation are not a result of a single day’s work. It is safe to assume that a series of unnerving events have taken place to the point where these children are looking for a way out through comfort of the bottle among other risky acts.

The sensitisation of our future generations is in our hands. It’s time we take responsibility. We’d rather build bridges before the ties are savored for good. This is a collective responsibility. It is you. It is me. It is us. We owe it to ourselves and to the future to save our children.

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