How the new education calendar will work

Around 10 million learners currently languishing at home due to the coronavirus pandemic will be required to report to school on January 4, 2021.

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George on his Monday televised press conference revealed the makeshift education calendar which will run for three years as the sector seeks to recover the lost time and move into the normal schedule.

“This will apply to PP1 and 2, Grade 1,2,3, Class Five, Six and Seven, and Form One, Two and Three,” he said during the press conference.

In the schedule, the learners including Grade Four will be in class up to March 19 after which they will proceed on a seven-week break ending on May 9. The lengthy holiday will pave way for the KCPE and KCSE examinations.

Learners in Class Eight will sit for their KCPE examination on March 22 and end the test on March 24, 2021. KCSE will commence on March 8, with theory starting on March 26 and the whole exams ending on April 26.

After the main examinations, Grade Four and Form One students (formerly in Class Eight) will stay at home as other learners complete their third term. The third term will begin in May and run all the way to July 2021.

July 2021 will be packed with the activity of transition. Here, Grade Four pupils will transition to Grade Five as Class Eight pupils move to Form One. Four year-old learners will also join school at this time.

Moving into 2022, the KCPE exams will commence on March 7 as KCSE commences on March 11, in the KCPE will commence on November 2023 as the KCSE commences in December running through to Christmas break.

By then, the sector shall have resumed the previous education calendar before Covid-19 struck early 2021.

However, the shortened calendar will come with a burden to the parents because they will only be given one week break to prepare school fees for the subsequent term. For instance, in July 2021, parents will have only one week to do so because learners will have only week break to transition into third term.

But the Chairman of National Parents Association Nicholas Maiyo said there was reprieve after Prof Magoha told parents to only foot arrears that they had pending for term two and three this year.

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  1. Even though this calendar seems to be a disadvantage for parents because of the time limit, it will help save a lot of time meanwhile before the normal school calendar is returned.

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