MPs raise alarm over ‘sex for grades and missing mark’ culture in varsities

Members of Parliament have called out the education stakeholders for failing to deal with the sexual favours that are rampant in the universities as some lecturers make demands to give grades.

In their two-day consultative meeting with Ministry of Education and Teachers Service Commission, the legislators, serving in the National Assembly Committee of Education, called for action to streamline the higher learning.

They did not only pinpoint the sexual favours but also faulted the cases where students fail to graduate because of missing marks arising from the negligence of the tutors. The legislators also said that some lecturers miss classes and fail to give learners value for money.

“It is time for us to have an honest and open conversation about the cases of sex for marks, missing marks, and lecturers’ failure to attend classes in our universities,” said Florence Mutua, the Busia MP who is the chairperson of the committee.

They called on the Ministry of Education to come up with policies that will strengthen the sector and ensure that these vices are done away with.  The alarm by the legislators come after persistent complaints by the students who have failed to graduate due to missing marks. Also, cases of lecturers demanding sexual favours mostly from female students have been higher, where those who fail to heed to such demands are awarded lower grades.

The campaigns against the vice have been on the rise not only in Kenya but in Africa too. Last year July, BBC ran an investigative piece on how lecturers in Nigerian and Ghanaian universities preyed on female students forcing them to submit to their demands. The piece implicated dons who had formed a social group where they shared the sexual encounters with the students, who they enticed with good grades and money to submit to them. Back home, the Kenyan government is yet to come up with robust policies to deal with the vice.

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6 thoughts on “MPs raise alarm over ‘sex for grades and missing mark’ culture in varsities”

  1. It’s true catch a BBC documentary on YouTube showcasing how vast it is in West Africa.Missing marks are results of reluctency by lecturers.I have witnessed a case where a lecturer fails to fill in a student’s marks to a portal because he’s busy chasing some drinking spree

  2. They should be brought to book. Its not fair at all. Students talk amongst themselves and know which lecturer does what. Lets make use of these suggestion boxes.

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