Magoha issues safety guidelines for schools as parents urged to provide aid

The Ministry of Education announced a progressive reopening of schools beginning Monday, October 12 yesterday.

In the statement, Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha announced that Grade 4, Standard 8 and Form 4 learners will resume studies. They will break for holidays after 11 weeks of learning and resume learning for another 11 weeks, after one-week closure. Meanwhile, the ministry also came up with measures to enable learners observe Covid-19 protocols. Here are the protocols:

1. Mandatory use of face masks, monitoring of the body temperature for all learners, staff and all other persons accessing the schools, handwashing and observance of high levels of hygiene. Where there is no running water, schools will use sanitisers.

2. Physical distancing: Although physical distancing will remain a challenge, it should not be used as a bottleneck to keep any child away from school.

3. All schools that had been used as quarantine centres have been fumigated under the supervision of the Ministry of Health in readiness for re-opening.

4. All schools that had been designated as quarantine centres but not used, need not be fumigated prior to their re-opening.

5. All schools have been linked to the nearest public health facility prior to being re-opened.

6. All teachers are encouraged to continuously provide psychosocial and spiritual support to learners and school support staff during the duration of the current pandemic; and

7. Boards of Management/ Principals/ Head-Teachers shall ensure full compliance with the guidelines and protocols issued by the Ministry of Health.

8. The parents/guardians/caregivers of learners in Grade 4 (CBC Class), Class 8 and Form 4 are now encouraged to prepare their children for the resumption of learning on October 12, 2020.

Parents asked to chip in

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education had revealed that parents and other education stakeholders may be required to chip in to rebuild the infrastructure in schools and boost the facilities in preparation for learning.

In a circular signed by Basic Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang and Director General Elyas Abdi; it emerged that the State intends to train various stakeholders on mobilization of resources.

Some of the stakeholders lined up for training include schools management boards, County Education Boards, sub-counties Covid-19 response teams and Parents Associations.

“Participants may have to come up with additional finances, staff (teaching and non-teaching staff), learning rooms, ICT infrastructure, sustainable supply of running water and sanitisers and sanitising facilities,” the document partly stated.

Dr Kipsang revealed that these groups will be able to identify donors who will be roped in the schools building projects.

“The training module is developed with full cognizance of the fact that strong involvement and collaboration with all stakeholders will go a long way to realise the effective reopening of the learning institutions and proper management of Covid-19 for successful implementation of the curriculum,” he said.

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  1. Magoha should give parents and teachers enough time to prepare so that it won’t be a challenge to anyone involved in studies

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