Public varsities, colleges to open on October 5, says Ministry of Education

Ministry of Education has announced the reopening of tertiary institutions to allow for in-person learning as the sector gears back to normalcy.

In a press release on Wednesday by the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha, the ministry has ordered the institutions to resume operations and ensure that learners observe Ministry of Health protocols.

The Ministry said, “All learning institutions will be required to mandatorily enforce strict adherence to Covid-19 health and safety protocols which include: monitoring the body temperature for learners and all the persons entering the institutions, observance of high levels of hygiene, handwash, use of sanitisers and adoption of innovative approaches to uphold the guidelines on physical and social distancing and use of face masks.”

This means that the examination classes of Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs) and Technical and Vocational Education Training institutions are to report on Monday October 5, 2020. In this case, Prof Magoha said the institutions will monitor the resumption dates and prioritise handed to students undertaking practical courses.

The ministry said that university councils and senates will announce the resumption dates for other academic classes in due time.

“Respective university councils and their senates will announce the date for resumption of in-person learning for students in other academic classes with priority being accorded to those undertaking science-based courses,” read partly.

“The boards of technical training colleges and TVETs will announce the resumption date for in-person learning for other classes, with priority being accorded to students undertaking practical courses.”

Prof Magoha then went ahead and gave more reopening measures to be followed religiously by the heads of the institutions. First, he wants all institutions previously used as quarantine centres to be fumigated to alleviate the probable dangers of infections.

He wants all the universities and other tertiary colleges to be attached to specific health facilities prior to being opened. This is to help in dealing with Covid-19 infections should they arise.

He wants all the learning institutions to be fully equipped and in a position to provide spiritual and psychosocial support to the learners during the pandemic.

Institutions that will not comply with the protocols and those that will subject learners to negligence, shall be closed forthwith, the ministry said.

It also added that education officials will team up with public health officials to closely monitor the levels of compliance in the learning institutions.

USIU Pharmacy graduation

Elsewhere, USIU-Africa awarded 27 Bachelor of Pharmacy degrees for the first time during its 42nd graduation which was held virtually.

According to the local media, the program was launched in 2015 and the graduation was the first ever in varsity’s 52-year old history.

“I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Class of 2020 for being pioneers, as the first class in our University’s history to graduate virtually, and highlight the achievements by the Bachelor of Pharmacy students, which could not have come at a better time, as you now join the frontlines in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Vice-Chancellor, Prof Paul Tiyambe Zeleza.

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