Teachers back to school after Covid-19 break as children wait

The Teachers Services Commission (TSC) has urged teachers to start reporting to their respective schools as preparations for reopening of schools hit top gear.

The TSC CEO Dr Nancy Macharia made the announcement at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) in Nairobi on Monday. This is after TSC, Ministry of Education, teachers’ unions among other stakeholders met to deliberate on the way forward in reopening schools.

“We have deliberated as a committee and we are therefore now asking our teachers to report back to schools on Monday September 28, 2020, to prepare for the eventual reopening of schools,” stated Dr Macharia.

She went ahead to add that the teachers were prepared to recover the lost time and ensure that learning resumes following the disruption by the Covid-19.

“We wish to assure the country that our teachers are totally prepared and ready to help our children recover the lost time and save the academic year was that at risk of being lost. We know our teachers will do this and we ask all of you to support them.”

This is even as the Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha fired a warning to the press not to report that schools were being reopened. According to the CS, teachers are just expected to facilitate the reopening yet to be announced.

Warning in desks procurement

Prof Magoha would then go ahead to issue a warning over the procurement and issuance of desks, whose kitty was launched by President Uhuru Kenyatta recent in Umoja, Nairobi.

Magoha said that there was a clear-cut channel by the ministry to ensure that no scandal brews as a result of buying the purchase of desks.  

“I want to tell the nation that the scandal that the media is trying to create around these desks shall not take place if I am the cabinet secretary for education. We shall ensure the desks reach the schools.”” he said

The CS further said that sub county commissioners had been urged to help in the distribution and will do so with the help of wards to map out the deserving schools. This will be a calculated move to weed out those who will seek to benefit from the project reserved for Jua Kali artisans with proven high quality workmanship.

“I am aware that there are mandarins who are trying to manufacture these chairs in the dark room in the hope that they will go and seduce the Jua kali people. We are going to inspect Jua Kali people. The ones that will benefit are the ones that have the capacity to make these desks,” he remarked.

secondary schools will receive 50 desks each as primary schools receive 70 desks each in the project rolled under Sh1.9 billion stimulus package.

Meanwhile, the Health Chief Administrative Secretary (CAS) Dr Rashid Aman emphasised that government was considering careful, regulated and safe reopening of schools.

He cautioned against lapse in strict adherence to the safety protocols saying any miscalculation could undo the gains made. Dr Aman said some countries have had the infection numbers shoot as a result of negligence.

“We have seen in other countries when social sectors are reopened and there are spikes again. We have not yet defeated Covid-19,” said Aman. 

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