Dear Manchester United fans

As a red devil it’s in your blood to be a champion. But come now, you know that champions are made of their good seasons as well as their bad. And unfortunately or maybe even fortunately for us, this season was not ours. We had a rather unsightly run in with RB Leipzig. This kicked us out of the Champions league but not to fret, we will be back in the new year for the English premier league.

On Tuesday, I think we can all admit that our defeat was partly our fault. When I say we, I count us together with our heroes on the field. Their win is our win , their defeat ours as well. Being a red devil is not for the weak, we stick together. We are there no matter what. And well the game was very individualized. We didn’t bring out our game. We were not the team we were meant to be. Hence, we are paying for it harshly. Solskjaer warned us about this. Being a red devil player once before, he’s in a position to guide us. Contrary to what others might say, Solskjaer is the man for this job.

Let’s all calm down, accept the results and restrategize. We have a lot on our minds , our pride, our future games and not forgetting the possible departure of Paul Pogba .Tomorrow we will do better, tomorrow we will play better, we will do our best.

This is not the end. Pour me a drink and play me a song, this is just the beginning of a better football season. More teamwork, more goals and more family. We will meet again to cheer , roar and be wild. This is who we are, the real champions. To those who are winning, we are happy for them. We wish them well. As for us we will keep fighting, we will keep training. We will rise again. A red devil never dies. That’s the manchester united spirit. Glory, glory Man united.

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