Bobi Wine: The Ghetto Messiah.

Robert Kyagulanyi, more popularly known as Bobi wine is the former artist cam politician from Uganda. For the last 34 years, Uganda has been ruled by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.  A move that Ugandans are crying foul. It is paramount to note that 80% of Uganda’s population is below the age of 35 years. All youths ruled by a man that is more than twice their age.

Despite the outward show of democracy, Ugandans are being ruled by an iron fist. In recent times the dawn of change has been like a powerful stench that makes President Museveni very uncomfortable. This can be seen in the constant paralyzing of Kyagulanyi’s campaigns.

Bobi wine, started out as a musician, he started producing his music in early 2000s in a small town called Kamucha. Bobi wine was among the artists that completely changed the direction of music at that time. He was joined by Chameleon and Bebe cool. Bobi wine used his music and the power of the melody to not only highlight the plight of the Ugandan people, but also teach the people in the ghetto. He taught about proper sanitation, using sexual protection, entrepreneurship among many more. Bobi wine is recognized as a ghetto president for his famous phrase “if the parliament won’t come to the ghetto, then the ghetto will go to the parliament”. He is regarded as a man of the people. Bobi wine looks at the ghetto as a place he always wanted to get his mother and his friends out. In April 2017, Kyagulanyi announced his candidacy for parliament in an upcoming by election for Kyadondo County East constituency. He won by a wide margin and beat 2 candidates. This saw him finally seat at parliament. The ghetto had indeed gone to the parliament.

The people living in the ghettos of Uganda are living in abject poverty. A situation that has not wavered since the onslaught of Museveni’s reign in 1986. Robert Kyagulanyi is proving to be a thorn in the incumbent’s flesh. It is noteworthy that Ugandans did not have a way to channel their anger until Bobi wine came into the picture. His song “freedom” has quickly become symbolic and has been embraced as the people’s anthem. He is relentless in the pursuit of the said freedom and many are backing him up. The ghetto president has supporters so determined and dedicated that they stage protests whenever he is arrested.

They know and recognize how inhumane these acts are, and go to war for him. Several of his supporters have been killed in this battles. The respect and support he is accorded is enviable. They would not only fight for him and beside him, but would also put their lives on the line for him. To the Ugandan youth, Kyagulanyi is the political Messiah they all needed. Bobi wine preaches to the people about taking back their country and being actively involved in the governing. This acts have gotten him into trouble more than once, the evidence of his dead driver a living testament. This happened in August 2018. According to wikipedia. Could it be, that the current regime is so afraid of the young voices that they will explore any and go to every length to silence them? Are the Ugandan people confident that their votes will count? The world is watching Uganda and 14th of January will be a defining moment. Who will it be? The ghetto savior or iron fist regime? Only time will tell.

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  1. I think His Excellency Museveni should go for retirement and leave the seat for a youth who will therefore make a change in the youthful perspective as in ruling according to the current generation and the currency situations

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