Adulthood is it about Freedom? What about the Responsibilities? Either way, it’s a beautiful journey that comes with self-discoveries and acquiring knowledge.

Am just startled at how fast we wanted to grow up, yet being here aren’t as pleasant as we contemplated. We keyed so much into being given freedom and living up to ourselves, that we forgot the responsibility that comes with it.

Adulthood isn’t even close to how I thought it would be. All I do is drown myself into paying bills and seeking a better life, rather than living it. By this, I mean having fun. We were born to merry, not to struggle, right? But here I am, trying to keep my life intact. It’s like being caught in waves of series, and you’re supposed to stick to it since you don’t have any other choice.

Growing up, I always desired to be away from Mama’s arms. The arms that confined me into multiple house chores. At that moment, those kind of tasks were hell-like. All I ever wanted was to have a life of my own. Well, look at me now. As old as I am, I still want to spin back time and skim to that smooth life. A life where happiness was the rhythm, even on bad days. A kind of living that didn’t have the taste of struggle and finance thoughts in it.

Stepping into adulthood, it never crossed my mind that the frequency of getting in touch with my siblings would be cut short. We get so much held up by responsibilities, that we forget the people who entirely mean the world to us. We tend to give in to earthly things rather than what matters the most. I was even shocked at how I had broken beautiful bonds unnoticing.

Remember when you thought that once you’re an adult, you’ll get to do what you want? Did it come to pass? First, you’re in the verge of trying to figure yourself out, then comes lots of pressure. For instance, you’re just 23 and are freshly out of campus. In the struggle of seeking a job and securing the bag, your family wants you to get married. This is common for the ladies, since they are mostly pressurized into being hitched around that period. I wouldn’t judge anyone who would mentally go insane because of this. It’s actually too much to handle.

Do you believe in smooth runs? In this, I’m majoring into life’s issues. At some point, you might go through allotment think that you’re the only one in such a situation. The reality is, we all get stressed, and as an adult, being stressed is part of life. Some might open up while others prefer dying with their problems. Either way, you aren’t any different. The difference comes in how you handle your mess.

As complicated as adulating is, it is also a beautiful journey that comes with self-discoveries and gaining knowledge.

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