All That Glitters Is Not Gold. Part 1 Of 4

The present day Nyahururu, which derived its name from the Maasai's fascination of Thomson's fall is the home of Samuel Wanjiru who was the first Kenyan to bag an Olympic Gold at Beijing China in 2008. In relation to this, Youths have been used as merchants of doom in Nairobi's leafy suburbs who operate various luxurious offices in Westland’s, Nairobi. Limo, who had been stalking Lucy, a lady that deals in properties, confronted her claiming that his parents in Baringo County had stumbled on a precious metal in their field. Through the help of his cousin, he sent him various pictures in accordance to that. Later on Alice, who is known by Lucy, did some investigations and assured her that the metal was red mercury worth 10 million, thus Lucy pocketing 3 million and handing 7 million to Limo...
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