Thinking Outside the Box

It is no secret that Kenya is under attack by an enemy that many youths know too well; unemployment. For more than 2.6 million Kenyans, “tarmacking” to find a job is one of the fiercest battles one can ever fight and the sad truth is that for most, these jobs are never forthcoming.

However, since Kenya is a land of endless opportunities, bright young people are always finding new ways to survive, and for some, it is as easy as finding a need and creating a solution.

Take John, for example (not his real name), who loved reading newspapers and one day, after reading the obituary section, realized saw that a deceased person previously worked at a company close to his home.
So, what did John do? John saw the post as an opportunity and applied to the job before it was even advertised! John’s actions helped him secure the opportunity, and it is only because he saw a need before everyone else. Another team of innovative Juakali youths impressed the world when they created a multipurpose “transformer” outdoor seat.

The seat, which easily transformed into a charming dining bench, revealed that innovation does not need endless cash flow since the best designs are hidden in simplicity and uniqueness. The carpenters examined an ordinary piece of furniture and added value to it in a way that earned them more revenue! These young people are just examples of the many innovative Kenyans out there who have proven that one does not need to be employed to make it in life. Bosses are people who dare to think out of the box!

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